Capes & Ponchos

Wrap up your style in a luxurious cape or poncho. Many individuals have worn capes in the fantasy world—including villains such as vampires, the devil, and witches—but some heroes wear them like our favourite caped crusaders, Superman, Batman, and even Harry Potter. These characters all share a common element of magic, mystery, and power. By wearing a cape or poncho at an event with a superhero or fairytale theme, you can help bring your costume to life and capture that same sense of prestige. Fancy dress accessories like these will wow your party guests and ensure you're everyone's favourite hero for the night!

Capes and ponchos are much more versatile than you might imagine. There are plenty of ways to incorporate them into costumes, whether it's a full-fledged superhero look or something more straightforward that still hints at your character in a fun way. From more traditional capes to those that are flashier and more modern, you'll find exactly what you need here to complete your look. After all, every superhero knows a good cape is a key to making their look stand out!

You can also look at our ponchos if you're looking for something less formal. There are plenty of options here, too, so we have it whether you want something sexy or silly! While capes and ponchos work well with many costumes on their own (especially if they have an attached hood), other accessories can complete the look even more. For example, our red devil horns would be perfect to wear with a red cape. A mask would also be great for adding some mystery to your outfit. You can add any of these additional accessories if you would like. If you don't want to include a cape or poncho in your costume, that's fine too! Simply pick one that matches your theme and use it as part of a dress-up kit on those special occasions!