Gloves, Belts & Boots

Bring a touch of sophistication to your costume with our Gloves, Belts & Boots. After all, it's the most minor touches that can sometimes make the most significant difference. Even the mightiest King's Knight cannot save the day without a good belt that keeps his pants up and his beer belly in check. And when it comes to keeping your ensemble in one piece, you can't go wrong with gloves, belts, or boots to tie that fancy dress costume together. You will be amazed at how quickly one accessory can change an outfit. Whether you're looking for something more practical or just want a bit of added character, we have a wide variety of gloves, belts, and boots to tickle your fancy.

We have a great selection to complete your costumes and take your fancy dress idea to the next level. We amp up the volume and enhance your costume options from medieval Fantasy Belts to chunky kits and cute little elf boots. Gloves are also an excellent accessory to complete your costumes, adding style, elegance, glamour, and fun appeal. Feel like a queen or king on your wedding day and accessorize with one of our elegant crowns and headpieces. We've everything from a skeleton and Batman gloves to fishnet - white gloves/ Santa gloves and purple crocodile skin effect mitts.

A theme costume party is also an opportunity to carry out your ideas for a costume. Some themes may be based on historical figures or characters from movies or books; others could revolve around current events or upcoming holidays. Costumes are only complete with the proper footwear! So, make sure to check our range of fancy shoes & boots for adults in every size, colour and style imaginable. From sexy stilettos to fairy princess shoes - we have it all! Whatever your theme is, we have the perfect costumes to match them - just browse through the selections below.