SFX, Make up & Tattoos

The power of makeup is undeniable. After all, the small details make the perfect fancy dress outfit come to life. Our favourite SFX, makeup & tattoos - fancy dress accessories help us create the looks we love. They also enhance our favourite features and makes the perfect addition to create a flawless look. Whether you want to add amazing effects to your costume like gruesome wounds, more natural and scarier contacts, or custom painted scars. Maybe you're just looking for a bit of colour and puff to turn up the volume on your everyday look. We have a great makeup collection at excellent prices and for all occasions.

The perfect finishing touch to any costume, our range of SFX and makeup is the ideal way to add something extra special to your Halloween or fancy-dress attire. Whether you're organising a fancy-dress party, looking for inspiration for your next cosplay event, or getting into the spooky spirit, we have the face paints and fake blood to special effects contacts you need to create convincing and creepy costumes.

If you like getting a real tattoo but aren't sure if you are ready to go through with it, you must browse our fabulous collection of fake tattoos. We have everything you need, from a series of tattoos that reflect realistic-looking cuts and bruises that will add a naturalistic dimension of gore to your Halloween costume! We have a fantastic collection of fake tattoos in various designs, including classic henna, tribal shapes and symbols with skull embellishments and more outlandish designs like roses, spiders, and black cats.