Staffs & Canes

Whether you're a saint or a sinner, our staff and canes will make your outfit look powerful. From witches and wizards, our staff collection includes all sorts of magical accessories, from witches' broomsticks to wizards' warlock staves. We've got canes for any occasion — whether you're a gangster who needs a walking stick or a mad scientist who needs something pointy and possibly dangerous! Why not find the perfect staff to match your fancy dress costume here. We've got a vast collection of fancy dress staff & canes — there's no excuse to keep you from completing your cosplay outfit. We may well have what you are looking for — check it out!  Our staff and canes will match any attire.

With a selection of styles and colours to choose from, you'll be able to find the ideal walking stick to match your outfit. From fake police batons to voodoo cane with skull, you'll find everything you need for your next fancy-dress party in our range of canes and staff! Gothic and vampire-themed costumes are trendy, especially on Halloween. Our Gothic Cane is perfect for any Dracula or vampire inspired outfit. The silver handle is topped with a skull and crossbones design, while the black shaft will complete any gothic look.

Gangsters and mafias have been one of the most popular themes throughout history. Our selection of mobster canes ensures that you look like the real deal. If you're heading to a 1920's themed event or want to add an extra touch of style to your mafia costume. n that case our gangster cane is based on the iconic walking stick used by Al Capone himself. It has a grey finish with a silver handle that features his famous initials, AC. It's ideal for anyone who wants to channel their inner Al Capone.