Halloween has come a long way from simple dressing up in scary costumes. There is an abundance of options that provide the most luxurious and over-the-top costumes you could ever imagine today! Most people proudly wear these outfits for memorable photo shoots, mysterious events, and nights out with friends. We've something to fit everyone's needs and style--an impressive collection of outfits in many different styles and designs, each unique. And we don't stop there--we also help you make your costume even more special when we add on accessories like masks, hats, makeup, weaponry and more! Marvel at the quality of our costumes while taking advantage of our stellar prices!

Halloween is your time to break out of your comfort zone and try something new; may it be a mask that stays just below your nose or a costume so cute that it could win a prize. With our Halloween costumes, you can catch any eye you want and carry yourself with confidence. From classic outfits like witches and ghosts to popular movie characters, our costumes are designed with a creative style to coordinate with your personal tastes. Whether a masque ball, an evening at the theatre or just the usual trick-or-treating. Mad World Fancy Dress offers an incredible selection of outfits to suit your needs. So if you have any friends who still haven't found that perfect costume yet, ensure to remind them.

Good costume design is an art. And like any art, it requires knowledge, skill, and creativity. Most importantly, a successful costume designer needs to have a keen eye for detail—and that is exactly where we excel. We put our heart and soul into every piece of high quality, affordable clothing that leaves our shop. For example, our lightweight polyester junior toga leaves you feeling relaxed and comfortable without overheating. Or our deluxe poly-cotton gladiator romper is easy to pack for a trip to the tropics. And with so many famous characters and novelties on offer, Halloween outfits are the perfect choice for any costume party.