Grim Reapers

Are you looking to add a bit of newfound muscle to your deathly grim reaper costume? By wielding one of our many hellish-looking devil props, you can go from grim to doomy in no time! We have costumes for all the family so that you can have daddy's death and a Grim Reaper outfit for children. Hooded capes, gowns and scythes and props of bones are available in our ghostly range of grave creepers. Whether you're just getting started with costume play or need a fresh look for your store's next masquerade ball, we've got you covered. It takes a unique flair to be the grim reaper, after all!

The Grim Reaper is the personification of death and inevitable fate. Always shown as a hooded skeleton dressed in a black robe, carrying a large scythe. The Grim Reaper is much more than just a Halloween costume. It is an iconic symbol of death or the end of life. The outfit is perfect for Halloween or any fancy dress party with a horror theme.

The Grim Reaper costume has evolved over hundreds of years from several cultures, but the most recognizable image comes from America's own Grim Reaper. This skeleton character first appeared in America in the 1930s when artist J. Allen St. John created a painting titled "The Grim Reaper". His work was featured on magazine covers and in comic books, which began to spread his image throughout American culture.

Today, there are many variations of the Reaper costume. You can choose from the traditional black robe with a scythe or select one of our more modern versions such as Darth Reaper, Zombie Hunter, or Skeleton Warrior. If you want to freak out your friends this year, then look beyond our great range of Grim Reapers costumes & accessories!