You're not quite like everyone else, are you? Sure, you have your own unique quirks and mannerisms that make you special in your own way. But when the full moon comes up, you can really let loose and get wild. That's why our selection of werewolf costumes is perfect for you. We've got a range of outfits to help you transform into a wolfman or wolf woman. Grow some claws, get your fangs out and get furry with the full range of wolf outfits that we've got. Imagine the looks on people's faces when they see you in one of our creepy costumes. You can't go wrong with any of these terrifying wolf outfits.

Take a trip to the wild side with our werewolf costumes. Transform your legs into hairy and ripped limbs with our wolf leggings, or wear the entire outfit, including the mask. Get your claws out and enjoy being the king of Halloween. If you're looking for a costume that will get some howls of approval, you can't do much better than our werewolf costume. This instantly recognizable monster is one of the biggest stars of horror movies. Everyone knows about Lon Chaney Jr's famous portrayal of the creature in The Wolf Man (1941). And let's face it; who wouldn't love playing at being a wolf?

But if you think that this is all too scary or that it'll make you look like you have a natural hair problem, you're wrong! You don't have to buy an entire outfit – dress up as a werewolf from the waist down by wearing our wolf leggings. These are also incredibly realistic, with many details, like fur and veins showing through the skin. The legs have been ripped apart to create open wounds, so they look painful! Additionally, you could wear these leggings under your regular jeans and shorts for a quick transformation