Zombies are taking over! The Zombie Mummy, Zombie Student, and Creepy Creature costumes have made zombies one of Halloween's most popular fancy-dress costumes. If you want to make sure your zombie is horrifying and not just kinda damp-looking, you can do a few things. You can go all out and dress your entire body, including your face, in decaying flesh or go with just a zombie mask and other accessories to add to your costume. Regardless, we offer different outfits for male and female zombies with scary faces showing exposed bone or rotting flesh. You could also go for a more traditional look with these costumes featuring ripped clothes, blood stains, dirt, and gore marks.

The classic zombie has undergone many transformations since it first appeared in George Romero's 'Night of The Living Dead.' Zombies have become famous pop culture figures used for more than just jump scares in recent years. Today's zombies come in all shapes and sizes. Some might even be friendly! But whether your zombie is crawling out of a grave or attending prom, you'll need a few things. A pale-coloured clothes covered with rags and bloodstains. A messy hairstyle like dreadlocks or bed head, eyes that look hollowed out, plus red veins on top. Try using an eye pencil on both your upper and lower waterlines. This will make your eyes look smaller, which is essential if you're going for the authentic zombie-Esque dead stare!

The 'zombie look' can vary greatly depending on your personal preference. You may want to dress up as one of those traditional undead types like Max Brooks' modern interpretation from WWZ. You could also go for an animated style like what we witnessed in Michael Jackson's Thriller video! Whichever type of zombie costume you go for, it probably goes without saying that you'll need some convincing zombie makeup!