Childs Play

The murderous doll, Chucky, is one of the most terrifying movie villains. Child's Play will leave you with nightmares for weeks and is among the most gruesome horror movies. This is your chance to dress up as one of the most famous movie serial killers ever! We have a great range of Chucky costumes and accessories so you can put together the most terrifying fancy dress outfit imaginable. Our Chucky collection includes adult and child sizes. Whether looking for couples or family costumes, look no further than our Chucky collection.  Transform yourself into the most horrifying child's toy on the market with our fantastic collection of Child's Play Chucky fancy dress costumes & accessories. We have the entire range, from the original vintage Chucky costume to the Bride and Seed of Chucky costumes. You can even dress up as his bride Tiffany or their possessed doll son Glen!

Why not go for a Family Pack if you want to be a particularly naughty Chucky for your Halloween party? You can take an entire living doll family to your next fancy-dress bash! If you're fearless, you could even go as one of the more recent incarnations of Chucky and wear a mask. That way, no one will know what you really look like!
If that doesn't appeal, we also have some great accessories so that you can transform any outfit into a terrifying costume. Why not add one of our Chucky masks to your outfit and scare everyone at your event? You could also buy one of our Chucky knives and use it to slash through your guests when they least expect it! For an even more perfect time, combine your Child's Play Chucky costume with one of our other horror outfits and make your party a nightmare before Christmas!