Food & Drinks

If you love to eat and drink, we have great food costumes and drink accessories to satisfy your hunger and thirst. We have great adult and kids' food and drink costumes for partygoers to dress up as their favourite snack. Are you a hotdog? A cheeseburger? Or maybe French Fries Costume? Whatever you want to be, we have the costume sure to delight whilst adding a sense of humour to the event. No matter what time of year, dressing up as your favourite food or drink is always a fun idea! These make great funny outfits from April Fool's Day to Halloween and Christmas!

Are you craving some delicious Milk & Cookies, Duo? Or maybe you want to eat a slice of pizza. Whatever your food cravings are, we have a vast range of food costumes and drink accessories for you to choose from. If you're looking for a fun way to dress up as your favourite snack, we have a great range of adult and kids' food and drink costumes. Whether you want to be a giant pizza slice or a tasty ice cream cone, we've it covered. We also have an array of accessories to complete your outfit, such as hats, masks, and wigs, to really get into character.
If you're planning a party or fancy-dress event, why not dress up as some of the most iconic dishes? You could even get the whole family involved by dressing up as different parts of the meal. The dad can wear an oversized chef's hat while mum wears a necklace pasta necklace! We also stock some hilarious outfits that are perfect for those who want to make more noise than usual. These include inflatable costumes such as giant balloons and animal onesies that make everyone laugh!